Saturday, November 05, 2005

Trail Note: November

Well folks, it's November in Seattle. (I realize that it's November everywhere, but it's truly November here. I mean, it was sunny and 70 degrees in Chicago this week; what’s up with that?). And what does November in Seattle mean? RAIN! I realize that this city has the reputation of raining all of the time, and it does rain a fair amount 9 or so months of the year, but it really rains in November, nary a sunbreak in sight. It's also very dark. Again, I know that it's dark everywhere in the US a lot earlier than it was last week, but between the northern latitude, the western longitude and (remember) the rain, it's pretty much dark here at 4 pm. None of this is all that conducive to running. It requires a heck of a lot of motivation to get on the trail.

But once you get out, it is worth it. I heard a cyclist describe biking in this weather once, and I think this holds very true for running in the winter: It's really hard to get out there and get going, and the first mile or two really sucks as you're cold and wet and tight. Then you warm up, and things start getting fun. You feel like a kid, jumping over puddles, and playing in the rain. And you feel tough, too; like you can do anything - you're a brave adventurer out in the wet and the cold. Then you start to get cold. And you realize that you're really wet; wetter than you thought that you could be while wearing clothes wet. And did I mention cold? And there are still a few miles to go and all you can think about is getting home and into that hot shower. Your knees are probably hurting right now, too, and if you're a guy, you're remembering that you have nipples and that you should have coated them with body glide before you left the house, because now they're chaffed. And then you finally finish and get home and have that hot shower and then a warm meal and maybe a cold beer, and it's the best shower and the tastiest food and the most refreshing beer you've ever had, and you earned it. ‘Cause you're tough.

We had that run this morning: 8 miles to and around Greenlake, then home to showers, lattes, and oatmeal. Good stuff.


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