Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend wrap-up

This weekend I:
- ate Ethiopian food, drank martini(s), and breathed second-hand cigar smoke to celebrate Jeff's brother's birthday
- celebrated the fact that Washington bars and restaurants will be smoke free next weekend
- ran 5K with 1000+ divas
- won a prize at a friend's baby shower (we're going to more and more of these of late)
- watched Navy win big in Snohomish with many USNA alums
- cleaned glass and beer out of my car
- laundered many loads of clothes (living with a BEAST means lots of laundry)
- ran 8 miles during the brief period that the thermometer read > 40 degrees
- ate risotto with pancetta and mushrooms
- briefly attempted my econ homework
- organized my holiday, wedding, and school to do lists

Every weekend I wonder why I don't get more school work done. Only one weekend left before the quarter is over!


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