Monday, July 25, 2005

Trail Note: the big 20 miler

After getting so excited about moving my long runs to Fridays, I wimped out and didn't do it this week. It was raining in the morning, so went to work for a few hours rather than run in the rain, and by the time I got home and got out on the road, it was hot and sunny and a little muggy from the morning's rain evaporating from the streets. So I went for a short and easy run and decided I do the long run on Saturday.

Saturday morning dawned cool and overcast, which was perfect. Jeff offered to run a few miles of the run with me, so we came up with a clever plan for him to drive up to the north end of Lake Washington and meet me at about the 15 mile point of my run north on the Burke-Gilman trail, we'd continue running 2.5 miles, and then turn around to complete 20 miles for me and 5 for him. This was great for me, as I now got to avoid the out and back BG rut that I'm in, and could look forward to seeing him just as I was getting pretty tired. The plan worked great.

Having interim milestones in a long run makes all the difference for me. Every 2 miles of a long run I'll slow to a walk to gulp some water, and so that's something to look forward to. The halfway point is, of course, a big one; it's great to know that I've got more miles under my belt than I have left to run. And I ate a couple goo's on this run, so there were those to look forward to as well (although once I eat them, it takes about 2 miles for them to stop feeling yucky in my digestive system and start feeling good in my legs).

Overall, it was a great run. I felt really good throughout, and actually felt good the rest of the day, too. I was a little sore yesterday, but not too bad, and the soreness is pretty much gone today. Last week was actually one of my biggest mileage weeks: 55 miles, including 3 "bike-equivalent" miles (12 miles on the bike = 3 running miles in my system). And since I wimped out of the long run on Friday, I moved one of this week's runs forward, meaning that I actually ran 58 miles in the 7 day week. When I first looked at this training plan, I never thought that I'd be able to run this much and feel so normal. It's amazing what the body can do with just a little effort (and a whole lot of time; I could never have done this last summer with the hours I was working).


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