Friday, July 15, 2005

Trail Note

I switched my long runs to Friday this week, a decision initially caused by laziness (I skipped Wednesday's run, so figured I'd be well-rested on Friday, and there was no making up those lost miles). The more I thought about it, however, the better the idea became for the duration of my training. My work schedule is flexible, so I don't have to work a full day on Friday (or even much of a day at all if I get my hours in early), and I have class on Thursday night, which means that I usually eat well and get to bed at a decent hour on Thursday nights. This is not the case with Saturday nights before my Sunday runs. This now frees up the weekend for hiking or biking or just lazing. Yeah!

Today I ran a little under (hopefully not too much under) 18 miles. I ran to Alki Beach via Lake Union, downtown, and Alaskan Way, then turning around at the Water Taxi station and finishing up at the north end of Myrtle Edwards park (where Jeff nicely dropped my car at his office). While not a picturesque route, it certainly was scenic, as I passed by the Port (huge! trucks! containers!), the shipyard, the touristy area by the ferry, the Aquarium, the cruise ship terminal (where one was offloading its passengers), and had two lovely portions on Alki beach (a bald eagle landed just about 20 feet away from me) and Myrtle Edwards park. I actually felt good throughout the run, which gives me hope that I can finish my 20 miler scheduled for next week.


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