Monday, June 20, 2005

Trail Note: the first "long run"

Yesterday I ran my first official long run. According to the book that I'm using (Advanced Marathoning), a run isn't considered a long run until it's 17 miles or longer. Whatever. I will say that yesterday's run was the hardest yet.

I had a really tough running week last week. I discovered one of the reasons for that when I stepped on the scale this weekend; I've gained almost 5 pounds since last week. So the sluggish heavy feeling I've had all week just wasn't in my head: it was on my waist and thighs and cheeks, etc.

Sunday, however, I felt like things were turning around. I actually felt better than I had all week, and kept up a very strong pace of 8:30 - 8:40 for all of the miles that I was able to time on the run. It was the warmest weather that I've run in this year (I won't say hot, as that's an insult to anyone living anywhere other than the Pacific NW). By the last 5 miles I was fantasizing about ice water. That was all I could think about: stopping and drinking ice water.

For the route, Jeff dropped me off in Woodenville on the Sammamish River trail. I ran west along the trail and then hooked up with the Burke Gilman on the north end of Lake Washington, then headed south along the west side of the lake. Jeff, meanwhiel, took a bike ride on the east side of the lake (beautiful farmland and woods) and then drove around and picked me up at Gas Works park 2 1/2 hours later.

I'm looking forward to a great running week. The sun is out, I'm going to eat better (and less), and get on those runs early to beat the heat.


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