Sunday, June 12, 2005

Trail Note: Oooowwww

The last 2 weeks of running have been going quite well, so I was a little surprised that today's long run hurt as much as it did. The first problem was that I talked myself into running in the afternoon. This is usually a problem, because as much as I promise that I won't eat too much during the day, I inveritably have too much in my stomach when I run in the afternoon. Today it was popcorn, because I went to a matinee and I can't resist buying popcorn at the movies, especially considering how rarely I go to the cinema these days. It was also much warmer at 5 pm than it was at 9 am, when I should have been running. This wasn't too big a deal; it was only in the mid-to-upper 60's, nothing compared to the humid upper 80's that my parents have been feeling in Virginia this weekend. And then there are a lot more gnats in the afternoon; I unintentionally ate several on the run; many more decorated my skin and t-shirt.

Overall, however, it wasn't the heat or the popcorn or the bugs that were the issue. Bottom line was just that I was tired. I averaged about 10 - 20 seconds a mile slower than I usually run my long runs. By the last 5 miles, I was walking and sipping my gatoraid/water mix every mile, rather than my usual every 2 miles. Now I groan every time I go up or down stairs. It is a good thing that I do laundry on Sundays after my long runs: it ensures that I take many trips up and down stairs preventing the lactic acid from buildling up too badly. I am convinced that lots of post-long-run movement is the key to quicker recovery and freedom from sore muscles.


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