Monday, July 11, 2005

Trail Note: I can follow one part of the plan just fine

Yesterday I began the day feeling down after a disappointing (but not surprising) weigh-in. I've been bouncing up and down in the same weight range since beginning this marathon training plan, despite initial plans (hopes?) of losing a pound a week. A few weeks ago, after having gained 4 pounds in a week, I developed an eating plan that was going to get me on the losing track. It worked for a few weeks, I lost those 4 pounds, and then last week I strayed from the plan and gained a pound back. For some reason, I can follow my running plan to the tee, running faster and farther than I ever imagined I could, but I can't seen to follow a very moderate diet plan. Poor Jeff ran the first 3 miles of my long run with me yesterday and had to listen to me moan about this for almost half of our time together.

After Jeff turned around and I continued on my run alone with my thoughts, however, I started to feel better. After all, I am doing a great job following the mileage portion of my plan. I ran 17 miles yesterday at a pace ranging between 8:40 and 8:50 miles, with minimal pain. I ran a 10 mile run last week with 5, 7:50 mile intervals. I ran almost 40 miles last week with an additional 40+ miles of cycling. While I'm still serious about losing 15 pounds, being moody and getting angry at myself isn't going to help. So, the weight loss part isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Running alone isn't going to make me thin, so I'll have to get more disciplined. After all, it would be crazy to do all of this work running and miss my goal because I couldn't stop eating ice cream.

Mmmm... ice cream... that sounds good right now. ;)


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