Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Summer Stress

For some reason I always think that summer is going to lighten up from a work and stress standpoint. This never seems to happen. Summer weekends and week nights are just busier, what between going on vacations, having friends on vacation visit, random events, concerts, and athletic event training (summer '00 Richmond Marathon, '02 Chicago Marathon, '03 Courage Classic). And work seems to pick up, too. Actually, work has been busier throughout 2003 than usual, but it's feeling particularly stressful right now. Add to all of this that I've gained 10 pounds in the last couple of months (yes, since last complaint the gain has continued), which has really weighed on me emotionally (in addition to physically). It's amazing how much worse the world looks when you don't feel good about your body. Oh, and the allergies and mosquito bites; itch itch itch, scratch scratch scratch.

I'm just one big whine-fest these days, thus haven't felt much like posting. I know what I need to do (relax, don't waste energy being angry about myself, go outside and get out of my head, etc), it's just hard doing those things most of the time.

Only a few more weeks of summer. Soon the rains and clouds will set in and I can cheer up.


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