Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Queer Eyeful for the Straight Girl

Last night I turned on the TV expecting to catch last week's episode of everyone's new favorite show. Instead of seeing a straight man's apartment, wardrobe, and lifestyle changed from blah to fab, I caught last week's new gay reality show on Bravo. I'm not into most dating shows, and hadn't heard any positive reviews of this one, but since I had already committed to spending the evening crashed out on the couch, I decided to give it a try. I found myself liking the show and the "leading man" more and more as the show progressed, and continued to watch the second episode. Of course when the new QE came on, I had to stay up and watch that, too (not my favorite episode, but still good stuff).

At the end of 3 hours, I was a little overwhelmed. That's a lot of time viewing attrative men who play on "the other team." It's great to see real gay men on television, rather than the occasional stereotype.

I wanted to say something else wise, observant, and pity, but have run out of creativity and time. Please use the comment section to add any thoughts that you may have.

Update: I added the links to the shows. If you have not seen the ads on the Bravo site for QE, I highly recommend checking them out. They make me laugh every time.


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