Friday, June 20, 2003

The Friday Five

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short? My hair is naturally wavy. I try to blow dry it straighter. It's very humidity dependent. I suppose it's naturally long, but I get it cut every once and a while, so currently it's about chin length. Right now I'm growing it out a little to shoulder length.

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime? It gets darker and darker. I started bald, then had blond hair, then it's gradually darkened to the dark brown that it is now.

3. How do your normally wear your hair? It was long for a long time as a kid, then every now and then I'll cut it to chin length, keep it there a few years, and then grow it out again.

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like? I would like to see what it looks like blond, and then change it right back. No other major changes other than the fact that I would always want it to look like it does when the hairdresser blows it dry.

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened? Well, there was that bad home perm in 8th grade, but the worst was when I got it cut short before my senior year in college. It was too short. I cried when I got home.


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