Friday, May 30, 2003

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...

Unfortunately I didn't hear the NPR ATC story about the particularly rainy May that the East Coast is having. My parents live in VA and my company is based in VA, so I'm on the phone to someone out there almost daily. Every time I've spoken to my parents, they'll open the conversation with "we're having Seattle weather out here today..." When I spoke to my work associates yesterday and asked if it was still raining I was told in separate conversations how many straight days they've been without sun (high 20's) and that it's been the rainiest May in recorded history (I think someone said 15" of rain!). I then reply that it's sunny and in the 70's here, and has been like that all week.

While I didn't hear the original NPR story, I did hear some of the letters that they received in response to it. There was the lady in MA who was glad to hear that many were sharing her wet misery, the man in Texas who didn't want to hear complaints about rain while his area was suffering through drought, and then there were the letters from Washington State. Quite a few residents of sunny Seattle had something to say to those damp East Coasters. "Get over it" "30 days of rain is nothing" "go drink a latte" and "we don't let a little rain keep us indoors" were some of the sentiments expressed. While I agree with some of them (I highly recommend drinking the coffee concoction of your choice to keep those spirits up), some were a little harsh. After all, if you live in Seattle, you know what you're getting into. If you can't deal with 9 months of rain and clouds, then move somewhere else. Somewhere.... like Virginia. If you live in Virginia, you have the expectation of a lovely May. After all, it's typically one of the nicer months of the year, predictably warm and sunny, but before the hardcore heat and humidity of the summer really sets in. Also, when it rains in Seattle, it's rarely a real rain, more like a light mist, which isn't enough to cancel a hike or bike ride or run. It's not misting out East right now.

Regardless, I'm still going to enjoy telling those in Virginia about our great weather right now. I've drunk my share of lattes this winter.

Update: Now I'm worried that I've jinxed myself; sources say that the weather's improving out East, and ours is pretty hazy right now. And I changed the title of this entry to look a little less idiodic.


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