Thursday, June 19, 2003

Aaaahhhh choo!

It's official; I am one of those people with outdoor allergies. I've had an indoor one for about 5 years (mold, I think), making me feel sneezy in the mornings and on damp days (including while at sea). The last month or so, I've been feeling terrible in the evenings, same allergic, snuffly, headachy feeling. Today, I went for a run on the trails near the office (first time I've done this route in months), and crunching along cottenwood pods, felt worse and worse as I ran. Usually running clears up any snuffly feelings. Now, after sitting in a filtered ventilated office for 4 hours, I feel fine (not great, but about 100 times better than during the run).

I want to feel better, but I am resolved: I will not fear the outdoors! I will not move to plastic sheets and hepa filtratration! Neti, look out; I'm breaking you out for another go tonight.


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