Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Trail Note cancelled due to Inter-Galactic Traveler Emergency

Whew. It's been a busy couple of weeks, so very little posting. I returned to a damp and spring-feeling Seattle on Sunday afternoon ready for a vacation to recover from my vacation. My dad's retirement was very special (I only cried a little bit), but quite busy. After Thursday's ceremony, we stood in the receiving line for the entire reception only to head home and receive the extended family for dinner. It was wonderful hearing from so many people about what my dad has done for them and for the Navy. I was inspired to learn how one person can make a difference. Friday was spent sightseeing with my grandmother and aunt in D.C. and then the drive to Nomini for a quiet evening with my dad. Saturday was a trip to Norfolk to see friends, followed by the Kung Pao Cook-Off. Jeff and my dad battled it out in Nomini Kitchen Stadium to see whose Kung Pao chicken reigned supreme. It was determined that the diners were the winners, since we got to eat 2 great versions of the dish.

Work somehow managed to go on while I was on vacation, so I'm in catch-up mode this week. It's fun, but has felt a little overwhelming recently with a lot of projects going on and new team members entering the mix. I've managed to block off time to run during lunch a few days this week (Vancouver half this weekend!), but I forgot to pack a towel this morning, so today's run is off.

Just gives me a little more time to catch up on that important blogging and surfing that's been neglected.


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