Monday, January 20, 2003

This time everyone sing: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

While they are getting unusual amounts of the white stuff out East, our Cascades are still pretty dry. Jeff and I found this out first hand on Saturday as we braved the slopes for the first time this winter season.

I wore my new helmet for the first time and felt warm, safe, and a little androgynous. By the time I'm all bundled up in my boarding layers with the helmet on and no long hair peaking out, I could easily be a guy. It's a strangely anonymous feeling. I felt very comfortable getting back onto my snowboard after all of last years' learnings, but it took me all day until I could turn without falling. And that was only when it was flat enough for me to even try turning. All that falling makes for a sore me: bruised knees from the falls and sore abs, shoulders, and arms from getting up again. The snow wasn't too bad (not icy or slushy), but there wasn't that much of it. I saw lots of twigs and many bare patches on the runs.

As the next few weekends are booked, it will be a month until I have another chance to go snowboarding again. Plenty of time (!!!) for more snow to fall.


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