Friday, December 20, 2002

A, ahem, pressing dilema

The other day I was out to lunch with a few of my peers and my manager from work. As we were leaving the restaurant, another women from the team and I went to the ladies room. I walked in first, noticed that there were two stalls, both occupied. The one stall that was not wheel chair accessable appeared to have someone changing within, so I queued up next to the handicap stall. A couple of other women (my co-worker and a stranger) were waiting behind me. The door to the handicap stall was opening just as a women in a wheelchair entered the bathroom. Of course, there was no apparant progress in the other stall.

What should I have done?

When I left the restaurant and posed the question to the men waiting for us to leave, they all agreed that I should have waited for the woman in the wheelchair to use the restroom and I should have waited for the other stall, or for her to finish in the wheel chair accessible stall. I just asked a co-worker and his opinion was that to have waited would have given her special treatment that was probably unwanted (she could wait like everyone else to use the stall).

So what did I do?

I took the expedient path and used the first available stall. I was also extremely quick. When I was done, my co-worker let the woman in the wheelchair use the stall (the other stall was still in use), but said that I was not out of line in my actions. (She later said that she knew that she would take a while since she was wearing overalls under a sweater).

I feel like I did the right thing, but still feel the tiniest twinge of guilt.


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