Wednesday, December 11, 2002

"It's just the holidays... all of that chocolate eating..."

So did a little holiday stress exhibit itself in yesterday's RSVP post, or was it just my true neurotic, controlling nature coming out in a nasty way? A little bit of both, I suppose. Funny thing is that I was speaking with my manager about an hour after posting and he told me that was fairly certain that he and his wife wouldn't be able to make it, but if they did, they wouldn't eat any of the food, so that I knew how many to plan for. It's like he read the post (when I know that he didn't... or did he?)

The official holiday fattening up at the office began the week of Thanksgiving. Anyone who works in an office knows the drill, but here's the lowdown, for those who haven't had the pleasure.

I leave to get coffee, use the ladies room, etc, and walk past the fridge / counter area and see pie / cake / cheese ball (yesterday it was doughnuts). I let out a quiet groan. Returning to my desk, I grab a sliver of whatever is there (after all, I just had a fruit smoothie for breakfast and am getting a little peckish). I then hear a chorus of "who was bad" "who was the evil person who brought in doughnuts" "oh, there goes my diet" "ooh, breakfast" and maybe, just maybe, a "thanks for bringing this in." The person who brought the treats pretends that she believes that she is being nice. Afterall, everyone likes treats. Everyone moans and complains, but we still eat the treats. The problem is that while I eat the doughnut/pie/cake, I'm not really enjoying it. I'm really thinking about work or home and how uncomfortable my clothes are getting. It then takes about 10 minutes for me to feel puffy and slightly sick to my stomach from the sugar. I then think about the fact that I have to slide into a dress and control top pantyhose in a few evenings for a holiday party and how bad I'm going to look in the get up. Now I'm really not enjoying the doughnuts. Lunchtime I've blocked out time in my calendar to go for a run, but I'm still feeling puffy and sick from the "treat," so I'm "too busy" to go out and exercise. This doesn't make me feel any better. Mid-afternoon, any treats still left re-emerge from the fridge / wrappings. I resist for a while, but at 5 pm as others are leaving, and I still have some work to finish up, I grab another bite cause lunch was 5 hours ago and I'm getting hungry. I get home and eat more than I was planning to for dinner, with perhaps a snack. After all, I've already blown it with the doughnut earlier. Might as well start fresh tomorrow.

It's the next morning, and I'm resolved to eat better, but still feel a little bloated from yesterday's sugar/salt/alcohol fix. There's lemon pie sitting near the fridge. The cycle continues.

This is why Americans gain 5 - 10 pounds over the holidays. It doesn't help that it's dark until past 8 am and gets dark again at 4 pm. Not too exercise inspiring.

I'm really going to eat better and run today, though.


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