Monday, December 16, 2002

Party snacks, revisited

For those who have been waiting with baited breath to hear, our party was a success. Once we put the living room back together, it looked fantastic with its newly painted red walls. With the Christmas tree, pointsettias (sp?), candles, evergreen garland, and stockings hanging by the chimney with care, the house looks and smells wonderfully festive. The food turned out very well, particularly the cheese ball. It was indeed a ball and not a log. It also wasn't really that cheesy, and was comprised of cream cheese, Old English cheese spread, blue cheese, and spices and rolled in chopped parsley and pecans. We also had squash soup, mulled cider, eggnog, trifle, stuffed mushrooms, and 'lil Smokies (we had to have something was low effort). I won't mention how much cream and eggs were used in our kitchen over the last week.

One slightly bizarre event occured at the party. I was reaching into a kitchen cabinet to grab some mugs, and felt a sharp prick on my hand. I pulled my hand out and a wasp was attached, still hanging by his stinger at the base of my thumb. I've been stung a few times by bees as a little kid, but never by a wasp. It stung most of the night and today is annoyingly itchy. I don't even want to think about what a wasp was doing in our kitchen cabinet in December. I hope his friends don't try to avenge his sticky death (squished in the sink).


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