Thursday, December 12, 2002

Killer cheese log

For our party on Sunday, I decided to make a cheese log. I've never made one before, but know that my mom always made one for parties which was "an entertaining standard," so I asked for the recipe. The ingredients were fairly straightforward, with the exception of a spice called Accent. I did the bulk of the party grocery shopping last night and picked up my bottle of Accent. I brought it home, and decided to sample a little bit in the peanut sauce I was making for dinner. I then read the label. Three guesses as to what Accent really is. Hint: it's 3 letters. Yup, Accent is a brand name for monosodium glutamate, a substance to which I am sensitive.

The FDA isn't sure that MSG is really that bad. Others are very clear about what they see as the dangers of MSG. All I know is that I won't be adding it to the cheese log or eating that second bowl of kimchi flavored noodles that's in the pantry. On further reflection, I don't think that I'll be eating my MSG-laced leftovers for lunch today, either.

Perhaps I'd get more party RSVP's if I advertised it as "MSG free."


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