Friday, November 29, 2002

Husband Material

Kris recently linked Mia's funny and touching "requirements for a husband." I think that I used to have a list like this. Now all I'm really looking for (not that I'm even looking) is shared values and honesty, but I put my spin on a few of Mia's items, just for kicks:

Mia: 6. Know what I eat and do not eat.
She refers specifically to not forcing her to eat things that she doesn’t like.

Tricia: Likes to eat, and tries new things.
I'm one of those people who forces people to eat things that they don't like. Not things that people are philosophically against (like vegetarians and meat) or are alergic / sensitive to, but those that I think could be developed tastes or that the person has an unreasonable prejudice against. Like the way I try to trick Jeff into eating cranberries or mayonaise. It's worked a few times. He'll like cranberries yet!

Mia: 14. Manners, manners, manners.

Tricia: Manners, manners, manners.

Mia: 20. If I crave butter-pecan ice cream for dinner, shut up about it unless you want a bite.

Just add “or want another beer” after the ice cream bit and you’ve got it.

Mia: 22. Must be able to spell most commonly used words in the English language.

Tricia: Must be able to speak like a literate person.
I don’t care (obviously) about spelling and don’t think that good spelling is any indicator of intelligence. If anything, it’s an indicator of attention-to-detail; attention to a detail that I don’t care about. Grammar, on the other hand, I think expresses one’s literacy. We all make the occasional “I or me,” “who or whom” mistake, and dangle our prepositions precipitously, but if he doesn’t know the difference between good and well, then he’ll be well on his way to being good without me.

Mia: 27. My husband will know how to dance.

Tricia: My husband will be willing to dance.
I don’t care how well or that he knows how to waltz (although a pre-nuptial lesson or two would probably be good idea). I just want him to see my tapping foot and join me in making a fool of myself on the dance floor.


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