Friday, November 22, 2002

Where's Doc when you need him?

My family is doing something I never thought possible of us this January: we're taking a family Disney cruise (sponsored by the grandparents). Family trips in my youth were always driving trips to see relatives, and most vacation days were typically spent around the house doing projects. We never had family ski trips to Vale or beach trips to the Bahamas. But now we're cruising. I'm not sure how my dad will get through 3 days with his inlaws and nothing to do. I anticipate that he and I will spend a lot of time at the bar. Don't get me wrong; I'm pretty excited about this event. I love doing nothing and really enjoy spending time with my family. (My dad loves his inlaws as well, but there have been, well, tensions.) As I visit my grandparents in Florida annually anyway, this is a great way to do it, and I'm not paying (well, other than that potentially large bar tab).

What is scary, however, is that there have been more recent outbreaks of the Norwalk virus on cruise ships. A Disney cruise ship, no less. I remember hearing about this on Alaskan cruises a few months ago; I can't believe that it's now happening in Florida and WITH DISNEY! They are supposed to represent the epitome of safe vacationing. I don't think that this news will make a difference in our plans, but now we get to spend the entire time worrying about getting sick.


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