Sunday, November 17, 2002

Long, long ago, in a land not too far away...

... I posted to this site. Sorry for the reference, but it has been a fantasy movie filled weekend. I caught the new Harry Potter movie yesterday, which lived up to (although did not exceed) expectations. What did exceed expectations was the LOTR preview. Amazing on the huge Cinerama screen. Only one month (from tomorrow) that it opens!

It's been a very service-oriented week for me. My involvement in the United Way Community Council has heated up with site visits to some of the organizations that have applied for venture funds. I traveled all over South King County this week, learning about what groups want to do about the issues of at-risk youth, domestic violence, and non-English speaking populations. Every cause has been so worthy; as government and private funding sources dry up, the need out there just gets greater. A vicious cycle.

On Thursday night, I attended an auction to benefit the March of Dimes, sponsored by my company. I'd never been at an auction before. Bidding is frighteningly exciting. I only bidded for (and won) one item, an outdoor package which includes snowshoe, cross-country ski, and kayak rentals, tickets for an outdoor music festival, and a night at a lodge at Mt. Rainier. I'm glad that this item was early in the auction; I bought it for the listed value. By the end of the evening people were paying over 4 times what the items were worth!

Speaking of Mt. Rainier, it was out in full force on Friday, and looks much snowier than the last time it appeared over our city. Not much longer until I can get that snowboard out on the slopes! Today I went mountain biking for the first time (other than the one ride in Alaska) since I've moved back to Washington. After 6 months of great weather, I have to wait until November to go for a ride. It wasn't too bad today, however. Considering that it actually has started raining this month, the trail wasn't too muddy and the weather was dry.

Add to the movie and the ride some quality MSCL viewing and dinner with friends (later tonight), and not a bad way to spend a weekend.


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