Friday, November 29, 2002

Do Bloody Mary's work for food hangovers, too?

We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday spent cooking, eating, sitting on the couch watching football and favorite TV shows, and more cooking and eating and drinking. I did get a little run in, too, so it wasn't a complete day of food.

Now, what everyone wants to know: how we cooked the turkey and how it turned out. Despite ambitious plans, we neither brined nor grilled the bird. The only recipies that we could find for grilling were for charcoal grills, not gas grills, and we weren't sure how to translate the recipe. As for brining, after reading (on Thursday morning) what Joy had to say about brining and the fact that it doesn't work for self-basting turkeys, I realized that my 'lil Butterball had already been basking in corporate-injected saline, and didn't need another salty bath. I then, however, went on to read Joy, and found that high-heat roasting was a close second to brining to get a juicy bird. It worked great, producing juicy meat, a beautiful brown bird, and very flavorful colorful drippings to add to the giblet gravy. Everything else turned out delicious as well. Our only experiment was with dessert. Jeff made a pumpkin-pecan pie from Martha's November magazine, which was great. Who knew he had such a hand for pastry?

Coming soon: pictures of the preparations and final products.


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