Thursday, September 12, 2002


The first time my sister visited her future college was during the middle of mid-terms. She said she had a lot of fun visiting then because everyone was having "study break parties" to relieve the stress.

Today is "No Meeting Day" in the office so that we can devote it to "finishing up" our feedback for one another and our self-appraisals as part of our end-of-year performance management cycle. I, of course, saved all of my requests for feedback until today, so I'm tasked with writing meaningful feedback for 11 people, not to mention write the self-appraisal which will probably end up being very close to my actual end of year appraisal.

Let the procrastination begin!

It's 3:15 and I've written 6, all of which will probably need to be edited extensively. I have not begun my self-appraisal. I've done a lot of eating, cleaned my desk, blown out my keyboard (now I know where my eyelashes go to die), made several work phone calls, made a haircut appointment, and done more than a little surfing.

I think it's time for another snack.


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