Wednesday, September 18, 2002

The Medium is the Message

As I've been desperately looking for distraction in my favorite blogs these past few days (I'm still procrastinating while trying to write my self-appraisal), I've been lamenting the recent scarcity of postings. Having not posted myself since Saturday, I'm quite the hypocrite. Of course, like everyone else, I've been busy, haven't had anything particularly insightful or interesting or new to say, etc, but I think there's something bigger than this at play.

I'm getting self-conscious about my lack of knowledge of html and whatever other stuff I would need to know to make this site a little more interesting, both from a visual and a content perspective. I love other blogs that have little pictures and photos and most recent comments, etc., and would be more interested in this site myself if I had them, too. It's a sad thing that I'm getting a little bored with my own site.

I guess I have a new winter project.

I have RSVP'd yes to the blog meet-up tonight, but might not go for any of the following reasons:
1) Aforementioned self-consciousness about the pure Blogger template
2) Basic shy-ness about walking into a group of strangers
3) Self-appraisal, still unwritten, due tonight

Update: Or I could just blame lack of entries on Blogger and "Error 503: Unable to load template file. We're working on this. Please try back later."


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