Thursday, July 11, 2002

He's back! And with pictures to prove it....

A friend of mine from Richmond days left the corporate, suburban life and hit the open road over a year ago. He sold his BMW, cashed in his stock options and savings, put his stereo equipment in storage, and bought and outfitted a VW Vanagon. He's been traveling the country, getting into adventures, and writing us (an ever growing list of friends) entertaining emails, dotted with great photos, ever since. He's been to Burning Man, camped out in San Fransisco, had snowboard wrecks, van towings, etc. He stayed with us in Seattle for about a week in January (I think it rained the whole time, and he had a bad cold, so not the best view of the Emerald City), but I hadn't heard from him since April. Well, we got a new missive from Missoula Montana this morning. You can check out his adventures by visiting his web page; it's great reading.


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