Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming Spring Weather

Saturday we had an absolute gift of a day: temps that reached the upper 70's, blue skies, almost no clouds, and it was on a Saturday. Jeff and I went on a longish bike ride - the loop around the north end of Lake Washington that includes some East Side climbs - just under 50 miles. The parks, trails, and roads were packed; just about everyone wanted to be on a bike, trail, or as near as the water as possible. It felt so much like summer, I felt like I had to keep pinching myself, unsure of whether I should be reminding myself that it would be back to 40's and rain the next day. I made iced tea, we opened all the windows, and basked in the summer temps.

Sunday morning, it was still pretty warm as we packed up to go to the Mount Si Relay race. Jeff had joined a group of his fellow Get Fit with Fido animal shelter volunteers to do the ultramarathon team event (57 miles, 5 runners, 2 legs each) and at the last minute I subbed in for a team member who had come down with bronchitis. The weather warmed up through the morning, the sun shone, and just when it was starting to get too warm, it started clouding up and cooling off again. It made for perfect running weather. We all had a terrific time and did really well, coming in 2nd in our division. Jeff and I both ran much faster than we had expected, and are still hobbling around 3 days later. One of the team members took some terrific photos, which can be seen here.

By the time we got into the van and headed home (~ 4:30), the rain started to fall. It was full-on Seattle April drizzle by the time we got home, our brief summer weekend dissolving back into spring, with sore muscles and patches of sunburn to remind us of the heat.


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