Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hockey Talk Part II

I'm standing in a very long line for beer between the first and second periods of the game and next to the line is some table, probably a fundraiser of some sort, watching a man getting his hair cut into a very short, military-style buzz cut.

"Just wait 'till his wife sees him," says the guy behind me in line, as he finishes his beer (obviously not his first while waiting to buy his next one. "Yeah," I reply, "I'm not letting my husband get anywhere near that razor." "Where's your husband?" I wave in the general direction of our seats, "sitting over there." "So, he's sitting down, over there, and you're buying him beer?" "Pretty much." "You're a good wife."

I tell Jeff about the exchange when I finally get back to the seats with the beer. "You are a good wife. You not only buy me beer, you make me beer." (I've made two very good batches of home brew this fall and am planning to start another batch next weekend.) "Yes, but I also drink the beer. I think the male fantasy is for women to buy beer, bring beer, and enjoy beer, but if they did, they wouldn't look like the women in the fantasy anymore."


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