Friday, August 25, 2006

Say that again? I couldn't hear you over the sirens...

As I was stopped at a traffic light while biking home today, I watched a woman in a mini-van on a cell phone turn right into oncoming traffic (6 months ago, she would have been able to turn right onto 34th after crossing the Fremont bridge, but that lane of traffic has been completely closed off, concrete barriers, fence, everything, all summer). She realized what she had done and tried to back her way out of the mess she had created (this intersection is a mess even when everyone is following the traffic laws and paying attention), gabbing away the whole time. Since she was only feet away from me and facing right towards me, I made what I consider to be the international sign of "put away the cell phone," but instead of ignoring me or looking annoyed or embarrassed, she just sort of smiled and nodded at me, while continuing to talk on her cell phone. At least she might have 911 on speed dial if she'd happened to run someone over.


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