Tuesday, August 15, 2006

When the Cat's Away, the Mice will Play Bond with the Couch

Jeff's been away visiting his parents in Colorado these last few days, so I've had a lot of time to get work done. At least I thought I was going to have a lot of time to get work done. I actually created a schedule for the weekend to make sure it was filled up so I wouldn't feel bored or lonely. The thing is, though, when I am at risk of being bored or lonely, work doesn't really seem so appealing, especially when I have 3 DVD's of Veronica Mars to watch. So, here's what I did instead:

- Did the Ride to Redhook. This actually was an accomplishment; there and back is ~ 40 miles, which is my longest ride this year (of course it was broken up by a few beers and a sandwich, but I still biked 40 miles Friday)
- Ate ice cream
- Watched some VM
- Shopped for a dress to wear to some upcoming summer weddings
- Decided I could find a dress in my closet that would be better than what I was seeing in the stores
- Had a make-up lesson (wedding preparation) and spend a lot of money on make-up
- Got my hair cut
- Decided that if I wasn't buying a new dress, I'd buy some new shoes for said weddings
- Bought a guest book for the wedding
- Adjusted the registry at C&B (annoyed at the store for having seasonal lines; doesn't work for people who register 6 months before most people buy gifts)
- Decided I could just wear the shoes I already own
- Watched a lot of VM
- Consumed many calories with VM
- Ran around Lake Union (7 miles; tougher than expected, probably due to the recent bike ride)
- Watched more VM
- Ate ice cream
- Went to the video store to get the last two disks of the series; can't just leave VM in a lurch while waiting for Netflix!
- Did some wedding planning (maps, timelines, seating plans, etc.)
- Watched more VM; ate more empty calories
- Went to work (Monday came; not as quickly as usual)
- Watched the rest of VM while consuming more empty calories; last ones 'till next weekend

So, my grand accomplishments in Jeff's4 day absence:
- Exercised: 40 mile on bike, 40 minutes of free weights, 7 miles run
- Spent a fair amount of money on beauty products, but no money on clothes
- Watched the entire first season of Veronica Mars; now can't wait until Season 2 comes out on DVD next week
- Gained back 2 - 3 of the 3 - 5 pounds that had been lost on the diet thanks entirely to food consumed in front of television set

I'm ready for Jeff's return. That couch needs a rest.


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