Friday, February 24, 2006

Trail Note: A bit too much enthusiasm?

I ran again yesterday, and I'm a little sore from my recent return to the trail. I'm also very tired and hungry. I bought a loaf of bread for us to eat with dinner last night on my way home, and I've already eaten at least half of it myself. Mmm... Essential Bakery..

It was raining pretty steadily as I ran yesterday. I left Gas Works Park heading west, sticking as close to the water as possible. I turned around at NW Ballard and Leary, running back along Leary for a loop I like to call 6 miles (probably a little shorter). What's funny is that I got a lot of smiles as I ran along, perhaps laughing at the silly girl running in the rain, or perhaps they noticed that I had half a grin on my face. While I haven't been feeling all that great while I run, I'm having fun again, which is nice.


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