Monday, February 20, 2006

"I Cannot Go to School Today, Said Little Peggy Anne McKay" me

So, I'm sick. I fought hard against whatever it is that's going around (everyone in the office, my sister, my classmates, etc. has had it), and by Tuesday I began to realize that it was a losing battle. What's been so hard about this is not running. I went on a short (3.5 miles) jog Tuesday night, but since then, I haven't really felt up to it. And since I have a cough and sore throat, following the "below the neck rule" means that I should be taking time off. Fine, in a normal winter when running is only about staying in shape and an excuse to eat ice cream, but I'm just reaching the peak of my marathon training. I was beginning to get those marathon legs again and was supposed to do a 19-miler this weekend. Guess I just need to follow the Penguin's advice and correct and redirect.

Note: if you're interested in how to minimize the spread of germs, check out these tips, including my favorite: "During flu season, never let anyone lick your keyboard"

Second note: this was originally posted on Saturday morning, but mysteriously disappeared today so I'm reposting. Odd.


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