Monday, February 20, 2006

Lost in Moderation

When I switched blog templates a month or so ago, I also switched over to Blogger's comments feature. Then I started to get some spam in the comments, so I enabled the moderating feature so that I could approve or reject any prospective comments. Then I stopped getting comments. It wasn't too odd, as my posting has dropped to the point that any but the most loyal readers (i.e. real life friends) had probably stopped browsing by, but then Jeff let me know that he'd posted a comment that hadn't appeared. Seems that I had told Blogger not to post comments until I approved them, but then didn't give them my email to let me know that I had comments, nor did I go into the "moderate comments" section of Blogger. Sure enough, there were the handful of comments that had been left over the past few weeks waiting to be approved.

Once I fixed that little mix-up, I figured that I was all set. But then last week I was trying to respond to a comment and was out-foxed by the Blogger security system. I couldn't even post a comment on my own site! One of these days I'll get it all figured out.

Until then, a big apology to those whose comments have been lost, misplaced, and/or unanswered. Eventually I'll get it all figured out.


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