Friday, August 05, 2005

Tri This

Dianna's Danskin race report is really fun and inspiring; she's done a great job of capturing all of those thoughts and emotions that run through my head during a race.

Her tri lessons learned are also right on (except the last one; I should really focus on tri's one year, as I'm better at the combo than I'll ever be at running, biking, or swimming independently).

As Jeff recently mentioned, we've signed up for the BLT (Beaver Lake Triathlon) on August 20th. I did this race in 1996 and it was my first triathlon. It was great to find a tri this summer with a short and relatively easy swim. That's such a bizarro-Trish comment; historically my best leg of a tri has been the swim, but as I've only been swimming once in the past 6 months while running lots and lots and biking my hill twice a week, I think I'll be needing a shorter swim.

While I'm on the subject, here's a shout out to my friend Chris as he's about to compete in his first full Ironman triathlon next week. Good luck!

Final tri-thought: Lance Armstrong would rock the Ironman; if he does, you read it hear first.


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