Saturday, March 26, 2005

Fun Food for a Friday Night

On Friday nights, we usually either go out for pub food or stay in with pizza. Last night was definitely a stay in night, but since we'd had pizza the last two Fridays in a row (ordered in one time, doctored up grocery store the week before), I wanted to make something fun. I was lacking inspiration until Food 911 saved the day. Tyler was making tiki bar treats with the king of the Mai Tai, and those honey soy chicken wings and wild mushroom spring rolls were just what I was looking for. The wings turned out well, but a little lacking in zip, perhaps because I got a late start and they only sat in the marinade for an hour. I'm excited, however, to use the same technique of cooking in butter and oil and adding hot sauce instead of honey to make Buffalo-style wings sometime soon. I couldn't find spring roll wrappers in the grocery store, but wonton wrappers filled in nicely with the wild mushroom filling. They turned out great, and the smaller wonton size was fun for snacking. The filling was fantastic: flavorful, with the mushrooms providing a great hearty texture. We only used half of the already halved recipe last night, so I just froze the remaining uncooked wontons to be boiled as soup next go around. I'm also looking forward to using wonton wrappers in the future for ravioli. We just drank beer and cider with our Polynesian treats, but these pupus would make for great party fare along with fruity, umbrella-topped cocktails (like the Mai Tai's featured on the show).


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