Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Trail Note

So, I've had the time to run more recently, but have had a hard time getting up the motivation. Not working has made me a little more laid back about everything, and I find that being in the house all day makes it easier to visit the fridge rather than put on the running gear when I have time on my hands.

Last week, there were two specific times when I had to visit all my favorite running blogs (see sidebar) just to get the energy to get out for a run. Neither run was the long run that I should have done, but I did lace up the shoes and get out there.

Yesterday it was easier, and I ran the 7 mile loop that I'd been intending to run for a week. It didn't hurt that it was sunny outside. I also dressed in running clothes first thing, rather than shower and tell myself that I'd run when it was warmer outside and I was looser later in the day.

I've also been doing more cycling as the weather improves. I know that this is good for overall fitness (there is no better hill workout than biking home up my 13% grade street), but it makes it harder to get running mileage in. If I'm to start my marathon training right, I should start approaching the 30 miles a week that I should be at next month - the 6 month from race point. I also need to get serious about my diet. I'd like to lose 15 pounds in the next 4 months to feel like I have a chance at running a 3:40 (Boston qualifying) marathon.


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