Sunday, March 13, 2005

Dealing with Unemployment with Shopping and Sugar

The career counselors that were with us at work the last few months warned that you should be very disciplined your first week at home. During this time you establish habits that will carry you through your job search, so you need to set good ones.

I had the best intentions. I set up meetings, lunch dates, and task lists. I went to all of my meetings, enjoyed my lunch plans, and got a lot done on my to do list. I also ate more sugar than I've eaten in years, and shopped. I've discovered that Gilmore Girls reruns show at 11 every morning, and if I watch MTV long enough, I'll catch an episode of the Real World that I haven't seen before. So much for setting good habits the first week.

Notable sugar discoveries

  • Larry's cakes: moist white cake with lemon filling and real buttercream frosting: the epitome of cakes, mmmmm..
  • Girl Scout "All Abouts" cookies. I'd have never bought these myself, so was surprised to find how wonderful they are. Lightly sweet shortbread dipped in chocolate, they are perfect with coffee.

I'd forgotten how very addictive sugar is. Must. Stop. Eating. Cake.

Notable purchases:

The good thing about my purchases is that they will encourage me to run and bike more. Next up, the piano.

Oh, and I've gotten news this week about my acceptance to 2 of 3 schools. UW, here I come!


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