Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Rebellion or small minded pettiness?

The Seattle PI today ran a piece (from the NY Times) titled "Small acts of rebellion abound to fight irritations of daily life." It tried comparing asking Domino's pizza for a small size while knowing there is no small size to a labor union sponsored work slowdown. I'm sorry, but by harassing the person taking your pizza order, you're just annoying a poor schmuck trying to earn some cash (minimum wage, I'd guess). You're not registering your complaint with the people who made the policy, you're just spreading your discontent / bad karma. I think the piece was trying to be light and clever, but I just found it small minded and silly. And folks who are still annoyed by "tall lattes" rather than small or medium coffees need to just get over it and make their own coffee.

Hypocrite alert: the few times I've been to Pete's where they do label their espresso drinks small, medium, and large, I've been very tempted to order a tall. After all, tall means 12 oz, and that's what I want.

I guess we all have our own ways of getting through the day.


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