Thursday, July 08, 2004

It is about the bike?

And I thought Lance was suffering from media overexposed here; I can't imagine what it's like in Plano or Austin TX right now. I'm not sick of it, but since all we're watching these days is the tour on OLN, all we see are ads with Lance, interviews with Lance, interviews with Lance's coach, commentary about Lance, pictures of Lance's girlfriend, and, occasionally, we see Lance riding in some European bike race.

For those who haven't tuned in to the OLN coverage, there are very few commercials making the rotation on the station and about 90% have Lance in them. (The others are either for LL Bean products or AOL, the later of which drive Jeff screaming out of the room). My favorite is the Nike one with Lance riding and the nifty music in the background, a close second to the ones with Jason Lee going spastic about cyclism.

Link via new Austin resident, Kristen.


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