Monday, July 05, 2004

Trail Note Part II

So we went on the second of our long weekend back-to-back bike rides this morning. Jeff and I met our friend Chris at the Freemont Starbucks where I sampled the new light caramel Frapp as we checked out the map and planned our route. (The light Frappuccino wasn't too bad, by the way; it tasted pretty similar to the original, although Chris - a frappuccino connoisseur - said that he can definitely taste the difference).

We rode west through Ballard and then turned north as we followed the west coast of Seattle (the Puget Sound to our west). We turned in at Golden Gardens park, and wound our way up through pretty neighborhoods with amazing views of the sound and the still snow-capped Olympic Mountains. It was a beautiful morning, sunny and clear and warm, but not too hot. We continued winding our way north until we hit 145th st N, and took that east to Sand Point Way, which we followed south until we hit Magnuson Park, where the Cascade Bicycle Club was hosting a viewing of stage 2 of the Tour. After the show (I dozed off just a few times) we biked the rest of the way home, finishing of course with our fun hill.

The ride totaled about 27 miles with over 1600 ft of elevation gain and climbs of 10 - 13% (our street) grade. Not a bad ride!


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