Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Et tu, Ben? Jerry?

Still suffering from my cold (sitting in a cold dunk tank at the office picnic on Sunday didn't help), I had a little extra time after work yesterday that would have been otherwise spent working later or working out. I decided this time would be well spent eating ice cream, and the more I thought about it, the better a little B&J's New York Super Fudge Chunk sounded. To my great surprise, this flavor now comes in a sugar free variety, so I decided to try it.

As I purchased my ice cream, O.J., and generic night-time cold remedy, I noticed the older couple behind me with a cart filled with Atkin's brand cereal, low-carb frozen entrees, bacon, and other indicators of the low-carb inductee. While Jeff has given this low-carb trend only another year or so; I think that we have another decade of carb counts ahead of us. After all, look how many years (and how many pounds) were spent on the low fat plan.

Anyway, back to my Splenda-filled frozen treat. It wasn't bad, actually. A little less sweet than normal ice cream, which is not a bad thing. A little fluffier, though, sort of like when you freeze real whipped heavy cream. Still creamy, but not that dense ice cream that I've come to expect from Ben and Jerry.

All in all, I'm sticking with the carbs, the fat, and the guilt of the real stuff.


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