Tuesday, May 11, 2004

All it takes is one lawsuit to learn the true meaning of "every precaution"

Last week Jeff discovered a British import store and picked up some curry (several varieties of the spice w/ recipe), digestives, and chutney. The digestives went pretty fast (I'd forgotten just how good they are), and Jeff cooked up the curry with chicken for our Monday night dinner.

As I was liberally spooning the lovely apricot chutney onto my curry last night, Jeff found the warning label: despite taking every precaution, there may be traces of apricot stones in the chutney; take care as you eat (or something to that effect.) I did indeed find several bits of apricot pit in my chutney last night, and again in my leftovers today, which leads me to wonder if they really did take every precaution.

I work for a profit-based enterprise; I can understand it not being cost effective to really filter out every bit of apricot pit, perhaps requiring excess labor or pit-finding machines, or excessive wastage of apricot fruit. I can understand that these precautions would be excessive, and not worth the time or money. But were they taken? Obviously not. If there were really taking every precaution, then how come I have 3 apricot bits on the napkin alongside my plate? Pits I can take, just please don't lie to me about taking every precaution.


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