Friday, April 23, 2004

Dig Deep: Music Memory Meme

From Kristen:

1. Go to your CD rack/shelf/room.
2. Select the 13th CD from the end of your collection
3. What's the 5th track?
4. List it on your blog, with a story of why you purchased this CD.
5. Link back to me - if you wish.

Susanne Vega, 99.9 F degrees, Blood Sings

I actually selected the 13th CD from the end of my CD collection in jewel cases; I have a dozen or so CMJ CD's after that in folders/sleeves that I didn't count. As I store my CD's alphabetically by artist, Vega was 13th from the end (lots of W's, a few more V's..).

I must have bought this CD in college while building up my CD collection. I received a portable CD player for Christmas '92, which was my junior year in college. I then signed up for Columbia House subscription and bought any CD's that sounded interesting, or were by artists that I liked at some point (or liked a song that I heard) until I hit my committment. I discovered Suzanne Vega a little before the rest of the world did when the song "Luka" hit it big, so I've bought several of her CD's since then. I don't know that this is my favorite (I don't actually remember track 5), but I'm still a fan or her music and of her as an artist.


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