Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Trail Note

Sunday, in place of my planned 40 mile bike ride, I went for another jog around the neighborhood. For some reason the sunshine was making me feel very sluggish and lazy. Anyway, as I passed a few people standing outside as I was rounding my first corner, I heard someone chanting "Gary, Gary, Gary." I looked down the street, but didn't see anything unusual. About 1/2 a block later, I noticed someone very familiar looking and sounding getting something out of the back of his car, chatting to another man. How did I know this guy? Someone at work? Someone I'd seen around at the grocery store?

No. It was our governor, Gary Locke. I had a brush with greatness.

Maybe one of these days I'll run into reputed neighbor Dave Matthews (although I don't think that I'd recognize him as easily as Mr. Locke).


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