Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Operation Northwest Parental Blitz complete SAT

My parents were here last week, so things were a little busy in my part of the world for a while. They both arrived the Saturday before last, my dad left last Wednesday, and my mom returned home yesterday. The following were some of the things that we did over the last 10 days (M=Mom, D=Dad, K=my sister Kate, J=Jeff, T=me, M2=Michael, Kate's boyfriend):

- Traveled to San Juan Island
- Biked SJI - 30 miles (T, J)
- Tasted NW wines (T, J, K, M, D)
- Grilled halibut and salmon (all)
- Sipped chipotle beer (T, K, J, D)
- Watched whales (K, M) and seals (all)
- Visited historic SJI settlements (K, M, D, M2)
- Went to Mt. Rainier and walked in the snow (M, D, K) - in Teva's (K)
- Watched Tricia speak at her leadership program graduation (M, D, K, T)
- Ate Thai food (M, D, T, K)
- Visited UW and the library; bougt many children's books (M, K)
- Visited friends on the Olympic Penninsula (D)
- Saw the new Seattle library (M, M2)
- Ate lunch at Mario Betali's parents' deli (M, M2)
- Toured the state capital (M, T)
- Visited the Museum of Glass (M, T)
- Talked to the animals at the Zoo (M, K)
- Brunched at a Tom Douglas establishment
- Went to Pike's Place Market (M, K, T, J, M2)
- Observed art at SAM (M, K, J, T, M2)
- Ate Dungenous crab (M, K, J, T, M2)
- Ate Dim Sum (M, K, T, J, M2)
- Drank bubble tea and shopped at Uijamaya (T, M, K, J, M2)
- Explored Freemont and Queen Anne (all)
- Learned the Seattle bus system (M)
- Went to work/class (J, T, K)
- Did much laundry (T, M)
- Unpacked, washed, and found room for newly inherited dishware (T,J,K,M)

I'm a little tired, and more than a little full.


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