Monday, February 23, 2004

Where's Henry Higgens when you need him?

Of course I had to take the Yankee or Dixie online quiz that everyone (starting with Max) is linking to these days. While I found the over-all scoring entertaining (mine was 76% Dixie; a strong Southern score), what I think would be even more interesting is if you could take a quiz to pinpoint where you're from based on how you speak. For example, based on the fact that I'm familiar with a brew-thru, call all carbonated soft drinks coke, regardless of their brand; and have been known to say spendy and drive on *the* 5, you can tell that I'm from the VA/NC area, have lived in the Pacific Northwest, and have spent too much time in CA and/or around Californians.

Just imagine the geographical generalizations we could make about people if we had such a quiz.


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