Monday, January 26, 2004

Notes from a Monday

- If Jeff has had his coffee and the cat has had her breakfast before my feet have touched the floor, I know that I've slept late
- Even if the Jamba coldbuster doesn't live up to its name, it still makes for a tasty breakfast
- I miss the (long-ago) days when snow meant sleeping in and then going for a sled
- I miss the (not-so-long-ago) days when snow across the country didn't impact my job
- One of these days I might figure out that I need to un-press the headphones button when I pick up my phone handset
- Is it coincidence that I always seem to brown bag at work when everyone else goes out to lunch and go out to lunch when everyone else brown bags, or am I just a very unpopular lunch mate? Do I really care?
- Does the dentist really think that I'd be flattered by a compliment about my oral hygene?
- I really like my dentist
- I'm really glad that it's not 5 degrees and icy here
- My muscles are getting more sore and not less as the day goes on
- There must be a reason that most snowboarders seem to be under 30
- I seem to have an unreasonable craving for sweets and dark colored drinks after visiting the dentist
- Is it okay to eat "champagne chocolates" at the office?
- Mmm... champagne chocolates are good
- But are they better than the hazelnut kind?
- I know that I've stayed at work too late when I don't go below 60 on I-5 driving home
- The only thing better than getting home to a warm house, purring cat, and sympathetic boyfriend is getting home to a warm house, purring cat, and sympathetic boyfriend cooking szechwan tofu and rice.


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