Saturday, January 24, 2004

Speaking of MIA....

I'm not entirely sure what's up with the lack of posting lately. Work has been very busy; we had an interesting week at the house from a job hunt perspective; and, and, anyway here are a few things occupying my attention of late:

The Presidential Race:
I had forgotten how much I love this process. Driving home at night listening to ATC, I can't get enough of the commentary about the Democratic contenders and the President's campaign rhetoric. I'd forgotten how I stayed up until 2 in the morning election night 2000, glued to the TV waiting to find out who would win, and then sitting on pins and needles the next month, debating with everyone I knew about the situation until the winner was declared. I need to find a second news media, however, since while I love the NPR commentary, I really need to know what these guys look like before voting.

RR/RW Challenge: The Gauntlet was a little lame as far as challenges go, but I'm very excited about Inferno. Thanks to Brigita and the folks at TMFT for setting up a league; my team's picked (Generic Name) and ready to go.

The Summer Olympics: I'm not that excited yet, but it's coming, and I'll be watching.

Work: Yes, work. I’ve actually been enjoying work recently, and have (for really the first time that I can remember) been doing well. I may actually look forward to the performance management process this year.

Taxes: I hate doing them, but with an even bigger house payment in 2003 than 2002, the return should be pretty sweet.

Gotta love these Leap Years.


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