Sunday, January 11, 2004


A couple co-workers of mine just started the South Beach diet. Countless others are starting countless other diets, some low carb, others low fat, some are cutting out sugar, other alcohol, still others meat. The recent mad cow scare has led some to stop eating beef, at least ground beef (if Fast Food Nation hadn’t already scared them out their hamburgers). We all want to be healthy, but it seems like there is nothing that one can safely (and/or sveltly) enjoy eating these days.

Alton Brown (of the Food Network's Good Eats) was on NPR Friday, and was asked what is safe to eat these days with the follow-up: what was he eating for dinner? He didn't know what was for dinner, it could be anything. Alton is omniverous. He stated that moderation and variety was the key to his diet, and that no one could go too wrong if one didn't eat too much or too often of anything.

Makes sense to me. Eating is an important part of my life, and I feel deprived if there is anything that is off-limits (and I have found that I don’t respond well to this feeling).

So this said, I’ve had some pretty great eats this weekend. My new favorite pub (and I love a good pub) is the Jolly Roger Taproom in Ballard. It’s small and smoke free, and on Friday night at 7 pm was crowded, but there was still room at the bar for 2. It's an offshoot of Maritime Pacific Brewery, so of course the beer is terrific (we had the Imperial Pale Ale) and their onion rings can't be beat. The rest of the menu looks tasty, but since I don't think I could ever go there and not get the onion rings, I'm not sure that I'll have room to try much more.

Saturday night we made pizza. I should really say that Jeff made pizza as he bought the ingredients, made the dough, prepared the toppings, and cooked the pizza, but I did assemble one of the two pies that we made. It was absolutely amazing, with fresh pesto, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and lots o' cheese. I could literally live on this stuff.

Since I still had a tiny bit of room left, today I made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I had to follow sweet with a little salt, so sampled Tim's ketchup flavored potato chips. Not bad. Won't compete with the salt 'n vinegar variety, but not bad.

Wow. Full now.


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