Sunday, December 21, 2003

Week in Review

Sunday: Went for longish (7 miles) run, watched Two Towers extended version at the Cinerama, made beouf burgandy for dinner, wrote holiday cards
Monday: First day of team "on-site" (cost conscious team goal setting session) followed by games at my house and team dinner at Buca di Beppos
Tuesday: Day two of team on-site, then returned home to recover (it was long and tiring) and write more cards (got in a 3.5 mile run)
Wednesday: After a United Way meeting and team holiday lunch, I finished the day with a trip to Westway: a very needy neighborhood in Federal Way; more about this later
Thursday: Advancing Leadership Day; theme: Community Service. I worked in the food bank for a few hours, learned some terrific things about journaling, and started getting that coming-down-with-something-feeling. Then RETURN OF THE KING! (Jeff's done a great job of summarizing our post-film critical discussion)
Friday: Definately coming-down-with-something. Went home early and climbed into bed. Only got out to go get nourishment at Hales brewpub (feed a cold, right?)
Saturday: Yup, officially have come down with something. Sat on the couch moaning and watched second half of Angels in America. Unfortunately, the final hour of tape had some kind of techincal problem. Managed to get dressed to get a little more shopping done and go to a few holiday parties, where I did manage to start feeling better. Must have been all of those tasty appetizers I scarfed down.

So, very little writing this week. My trip to Westway was pretty intense; there's a story there somewhere. I'll have to wait to write it after this headache fades, however.


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