Thursday, June 26, 2003

Pace Yourself

Over the weekend, I decided that I wanted to pace myself as I read Harry Potter, so that I wouldn't finish it too fast. That hasn't been a problem, as I've been otherwise engaged.

Monday night, I went out for a pitcher with my housemates, one of whom is moving East next week. One pitcher turned into two, and then the drinking continued at home well into the evening. Tuesday was spent in a fuzzy daze of meetings, but I left the office early to go on a training ride with some co-workers. Last night, I attended a dinner cruise with work muckety mucks in town from VA. That party continued well after the cruise was over, and once again, I'm having a fuzzy day at work. Add to the drinking the fact that I haven't been able to stop eating since my return from Europe. While I haven't weighed myself in over a month, I can just feel the weigh grow on me (my clothes have literally gotten tighter over the course of this morning).

Tomorrow night is my housemate's going away party. Since I'm planning on going on my longest bike ride ever on Saturday (60+ miles up to Snoqualmie Falls), I must break the pattern, or else hate myself on Saturday.

I just need to pace myself.


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